7 Day Design Challenge | India Film Project

7 Day Design Challenge | India Film Project

Come showcase your most creative design skills and win millions of hearts in 7 days!

Do you look at movie posters and think that you could make a better poster than that? Ever thought you can make better fan art for someone’s wall? If you just nodded yes to that, then you are at the perfect place. Put your creative hats and compete with some of the best designers and visual artists from across the globe. The best designs will not only be exhibited at the festival amidst thousands of creators but even sold online. What more? You receive every single rupee everytime your design is sold.

Important Dates

Theme Announcement8PM IST, Sep 4, 2021, Saturday
7 Day Challenge Ends8PM IST, September 11, 2021, Saturday


Poster Art
Fan Art


  1. Awards for Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and #5 Design in each category.
  2. Top 20 winners/designers will get XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 Design Tablets.
  3. The top 15 designs from each category get displayed at the festival to audiences.
  4. The 15 winning designs from each category will be sold online through Redwolf.

Winners will retain every rupee of proceed from sales.

5. Winners will get a special one-on-one mentoring session with one Jury member.

Participate and get… A 3 Month Free access to SkillShare to upgrade your skills Exclusive Online Workshop for participants with an industry expert on the first day of the challenge. One Season pass (All 4 days) for entry to the IFP Virtual festival (Oct 22 to 25) E-certificate of participation

Rules to Participate

  1. Entries are open for participants from across the globe.

2. This is a competitive category and the registrations will be closed by 4th September 2020, 11:59pm IST.

3. You can choose any one category during the time of registration and change it anytime before the registrations end. You cannot change your category once the registrations are closed.

4. The theme for the challenge will be provided at the beginning of the 7 day period i.e. 5th September, 8 pm IST through email, SMS as well as on IFP’s official social media handles. Participants will have to submit the design by 12th September, 8pm IST.

5. The design has to adhere to theme and chosen category.

6. The design has to be the original work of the designer.

7. Submission Size – A2 Portrait 300 DPI (4961pixels x 7016 pixels).

8. Submission File – PNG or JPEG. Maximum file size – 50 MB.

9. In case the selected design is sold at the event or online through any association of IFP, the participant will receive all the proceeds after deducting the platforms and logistic charges. In such a case, the designer will get full due credit of his work with the mention of his/her name.

10. Any disrespect to a particular person, violence, hatred or obscene in its nature or targeting any particular community will not be qualified in the challenge.

11. All registered participants will receive a Creator’s Agreement along with the theme and upload link in registered email at the time of theme announcement.

12. Your submitted piece will be strictly restricted to the jury of the challenge.

13. The design cannot be released until the results are announced at the festival.

14. India Film Project and Project parties, in their sole discretion, disqualify the piece deemed to be inappropriate or otherwise non-compliant.

15. All the rights to the design will be certainly held by the participant.

FAQ’s | Questions or Doubts related to this Contests

Q. How much time do I have to create my design for the challenge?
A. You will receive the theme on Saturday, Sep 5, 8pm IST and you will have to upload the design before Saturday, Sep 12, 8pm IST. You will have 7 days in all to create your design.

Q. I am not from India. Can I participate?
A. Oh yes! IFP is a globally participated challenge and people from all over the world participate each year.

Q. Is there a registration fee?
A. Yes, there is a registration fee of INR 500 (USD 8). The payment is to be made online to confirm your registration. You will receive a unique Creator ID once the registration is confirmed.

Q. If the submitted design does not get selected for the winning design, can I use it elsewhere?
A. If your submitted design does not get selected, you have the copyright to use it wherever you intend to.

Q. Will I receive any money if someone buys my design online?
A. Yes, After deducting the logistic charges, the rest of the amount will be directly credited to you. You will earn out of your poster for perpetuity along with your credit.

Q. Do I have to submit 7 designs in 7 days?
A. No, you will have 7 days to make one design.

Q. Can I hand paint the design and then scan it to submit it?
A. No, it has to be a graphically created design.

Q. Can I change my category after the registration?
A. Yes, you can change your category anytime before the registration ends.

Q. Can I use more than one category?
A. No. You can only use one category.

Q. Can I submit more than one design?
A. No. For each registration, you can submit only one design. However, you can register multiple times in order to submit more entries.

Q. Can I change the size of my canvas to better suit my design?
A. No, you will have to create the design in the size mentioned in the rules.

Q. Who will judge my design?
A. Your design will be judged by an eminent pre-jury and jury with rich industry experience.

Q. Do I need to sign a Creator Agreement?
A. Yes. Everyone who participates in the Design Challenge needs to sign a creator’s agreement. The agreement will help protect your rights as a creator and our rights as a platform.

Q. I am a participant from out of India. What standard time should I follow for the challenge?
A. The standard time for the challenge will be Indian Standard Time.

Q. How do I submit my Design?
At the beginning of the challenge, you will receive an email with the theme as well as link to upload your design.

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