COOK-a-TALE 2.0 | By GlobalShala | 2021

COOK-a-TALE 2.0 | By GlobalShala | 2021


GlobalShala returns with another season of CookaTale! A writing contest held to grant a platform for all the new writers out there to showcase their penmanship.

We urge the budding writers to use their penchant for creativity and to utilize this platform to bring out the uniqueness that compelled you to fall in love with writing! There will be obstacles in your path to bring out the You in your work but there’s no denying the fun that will surpass all the hard work. 



1.Conversation with your childhood self 
2.Conversation with your future self
3.Conversation with your Role model


The Top 3 winners of Cook-a-Tale 2.0 will be offered a Content Writing internship at GlobalShala, a globally renowned institution that provides scholarships and internships to students.

In addition to a prestigious internship, the winners will also have the chance to avail Amazon Vouchers worth upto Rs. 1500.

So, set your creative juices into action and form the perfect concoction of magical recipes!



  1. For your piece to be considered eligible for the competition, the participants must follow Globalshala on Facebook and Instagram before sending their entries to us.
  2. The piece must not exceed 500 words.
  3. Only one entry per participant.
  4. It must reflect your creative vision very efficiently. You may have a creative and out-of-the-box idea but if you are not able to express it through words, then the essence of the idea will be lost in translation.
  5. It must be entirely in English. The characters may have names in any other language but the primary language used in your text must be English.
  6. It must be on the topics given below:
    1. Conversation with your childhood self 
    2. Conversation with your future self
    3. Conversation with your Role model


  1. No plagiarism
  2. No spelling and grammatical errors

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