Figure drawing classes San Francisco

Figure drawing classes in San Francisco | Online Figure drawing classes in San Francisco

Course Available for adults in San Francisco

  • Certificate Course in Fine ArtsPainting
  • Advanced Certificate Course in Fine Arts
  • Portrait
  • Human anatomy
  • Perspective
  • Oil Painting
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Knife painting
  • Water Colour
  • Soft pastel
  • Charcoal
  • Pencil Shading
  • Sketching
  • Color pencil
  • Free Hand Drawing
  • Creative Drawing
  • Memory Drawing

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Portrait Drawing classes in San Francisco

portrait painting or drawing depicts the image of a particular person or animal, or group thereof. The subject of a portrait is usually called a “sitter”, because traditionally people would sit in front of the artist to have their portrait painted.

Course Contents:


  • Introduction
  • Positioning of head
  • Measuring & sighting
  • Head proportions
  • Featuring the face constituents
  • Shadow shapes


  • light and shadow
  • 3-D featuring
  • Structuring the eyes
  • Structuring the nose
  • Structuring the mouth
  • Structuring the ear

Portrait Classes in San Francisco | Portrait Class in San Francisco for adults | Online Portrait Classes for adults in San Francisco | Online Portrait Classes | Portrait Classes near me

Human Anatomy Courses in San Francisco

About The Course
Human anatomy is a study where an artist is able to draw and feature a human figure. Learning human anatomy is just as it helps to draw a human body in motion. This learning process gives a wide range of descriptions of muscles, bones, and molecules. One should know about the shapes, curves & muscles of human anatomy that justify their drawing and painting.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to human anatomy
  • Proportions of human body parts
  • Knowledge of muscles and their attachments
  • Drawing skin and fat
  • Drawing skeletons
  • Learn to draw skull-face-hand and feet
  • Specific learning of parts on motion.

Human Anatomy Courses for adults | Human Anatomy Class near me

Perspective Art Classes in San Francisco

About The Course
Perspective is a way of art an object in a three dimensional view on a flat sheet. in this, it represents the object to appear to be closer, smaller, farther, larger. this is about imagining an object in different and angles and locations.

Course Contents:

shading object and human body, , depth of colors, dulling and distancing, color shades.

Perspective Classes in San Francisco | Perspective classes near me


  • Drawing linear perspectives and lines
  • 1-point perspective
  • 2-point perspective
  • Multi-point perspective
  • Atmospheric perspective
  • Tracing and transferring of images
  • Sizes of object.


  • light and shadow
  • How to apply Shading Pencil on object
  • Dulling and distancing
  • Color perspective.

Watercolor Courses in San Francisco


Introduction, Color theory, Color wheel, Transparency/opacity, Color value, Temperature, Color contrast & Attributes, Compositions, Media characteristics & Surfaces, Painting techniques & Mediums, Watercolor painting history.


Watercolor is a primordial type of art, which is so versatile and supple to work on. Watercolor paintings can be a better choice for beginners. this art issued by the artists to portray a better view on portraits, still life, and landscapes.

This is worked on white sheets with water soluble pigments. the best part to learn in watercolor painting is to learn about controlling and freeing the painting medium.


  1. Introduction to the fundamental processes of visual perception and artistic expression.
  2. Develop confidence in using watercolor painting as a primary medium.
  3. Develop ability to verbalize ideas and processes in art-making.

Water Color Classes for adults | Watercolor class for adults near me | Watercolor class near me | Online water Color Courses

Acrylic Painting Classes in San Francisco


Introduction, Versatility of acrylic, Texture & design, Basic paintingPainting still life, animals, portraits, and abstracts– Creating own composition, Mixed media.


Acrylic paint is a water soluble medium used to paint, but becomes water-resisting while drying. These paints are categorized in various ways based on their grade, pigmentation etc…This can prevent the paintings from damage while exposed to water and oxygen. And can give a longer life.


  • Know the versatility of acrylic.
  • Know texture and painting.
  • Demonstrate painting abstracts.

Acrylic painting classes for adults near me | Acrylic painting Classes in California | Acrylic painting Classes near me

Knife Painting Classes in San Francisco


Introduction to palette knife, Knife painting techniques, texture, Layers & effects, Color & medium


Palette knife painting is a term used to describe the impasto technique of applying paint to canvas using a painting knife. In this different shades of color are used one over the other, the ability to show fragmented depth and make the painting pop is greater while using a knife.

Knife painting is also very effective when a lot of texture is required while painting.


  • practicing different painting techniques.
  • learning color, texture and effects.
  • producing own abstract paintings.

Knife painting Classes near me | Online Knife Painting Classes | Knife Painting Classes near me

Oil Painting Courses in San Francisco


Color theory, Methods & Materials, Figurative work, Portrait work, Devotional work, Oil on canvas.


Oil painting is the process of painting with pigments with a medium of drying oil as the binder. Commonly used drying oils include linseed oil, poppy seed oil, walnut oil, and safflower oil.

Oil paint became the principal medium used for creating artworks as its advantages became widely known. There are many other media that can be used with the oil, including cold wax, resins, and varnishes. These additional media can aid the painter in adjusting the translucency of the paint, the sheen of the paint, the density or ‘body’ of the paint, and the ability of the paint to hold or conceal the brushstroke. These aspects of the paint are closely related to the expressive capacity of oil paint.


-life of these paintings are long.
-learning different dimensions of texture and color.
-learning color mixings and color contrasts.

Oil painting classes near me | Oil painting classes for adults near me | Oil painting Classes in California | Oil painting Classes in San Francisco

Pencil Shading and Colour Pencil Courses in San Francisco

Material: Pencil Shading Set, 8B Staedtler Pencils, Watercolor Pencils..

Classes for Pencil Shading and Colour Pencils

About The Course
Pencil shading is a platform where an artist can present his/her drawings or sketches in a realistic form. Pencil shading gives a 3-dimensional view of an object that we draw.

Course Contents:

Introduction, Free hand drawing, Measurement Drawing, Shading techniques, Coloring techniques, landscapes, Animals & birds and Mediums.


  • shading techniques
  • 3-d drawings
  • shading equipments

Human Anatomy Courses in San Francisco

About The Course
This will be dealing with the surfaces and texture of the colors used. Layering of colors is an interesting part of soft pastel and handling of charcoals need to be learnt to give a different dimension of a picture.

Course Contents:

Introduction, Light & Shadow, Blending, color application, Layering of colors and Surface and texture.

FAQ’s | Frequestly Asked Questions by Students and Parents with Answers

What age group do art classes cater to?

They cater to students of all age groups, starting from six years of age.

What is the duration of a Drawing classes?

The classes usually run for 1-2 hours. Classes catering to advanced level students may run for a longer duration.

Are there art classes which offer lessons only on sketching ?

Yes, there are. Art classes cater to looking for both basic and advanced level of sketching.

What are the career options in Art?

Interior Designer
Ceramics Designer
Creative Copywriter
Fashion Designer
Fine Artist
Art, teacher, etc…

What are the various Art courses?

Bachelor of Fine Arts ( BFA )/Master of Fine Arts ( MFA )
BFA in Painting/MFA in Painting
Diploma in Drawing and Painting
Certificate course in Drawing, etc.

Will I get a certificate after completing the Art course?

On completing a certification course from an affiliated drawing class you will receive a certificate. This certificate is issued only to students to clear the final drawing exam conducted by the drawing classes in question.

How much do the Art classes charge as fees?

The minimum monthly fee starts from 20 $ The more established ones may charge higher fees.

Art Classes Near Me | Online Art Classes near me

Their institute is one of the most prestigious among the various Art Classes In California. We give their students a better and convenient environment to learn in both regular and online classes. The best part of their academy is we go hand in hand with their students. we teach them from basics and all the easy ways to meet their genres. We go step-by-step to make them understand things both practically and theoretically. Here they are trained according to their age level for fast learning. We have different levels of courses and special syllabus for different age group students. We make sure that they develop their skills in imaginary and innovative painting through their demo and tutorial classes.

As we are well experienced in this field, We have students who have achieved and working in the respective field all over the world.

Grade Exam and university Exam for Art Courses

Their Academy provides students with certificates for their academic grade exams which we conduct regularly, According to their level completions in every branch of their institute.

Also, Their institute is affiliated with The Tamil Nadu Dr.J Jayalalithaa Music And Fine Arts University, where it offers Certificate courses in painting for kids and a Diploma in painting for both kids and adults. their academy trains students professionally to complete their respective exams in their approved branches, but the university exam will be conducted in their Head Office as per the instructions of the university.

2021 Art Courses for Beginner to Advanced

To excel in the field of art and painting, one should be very good at their sketching and art skills. their lessons for kids and adults will cover all the direction of artsketch, and painting, from basics to technical knowledge.

Art Course for Kids

Basic Lines and Shapes, Forms and Object, How to Draw CartoonHow to Draw Fruits and VegetablesLearn to Draw Flowers and LandscapesHow to Draw Simple Portrait – step by StepHow to Draw human figure and Learn Animals and Birds Art step by Step.

Art Course for Adult | Online Art Course for Adult

Fundamental DrawingFree hand DrawingCreative DrawingPerspective DrawingAnatomy (HumanBirds and Animals), Portrait Drawing and Outdoor drawing

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