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International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exams are conducted once a year at National level in respective schools. Apart from excelling in academics, it is important for students to focus on soft skills such as drawing, painting, sketching, and so on. There are many students in India who have exceptional drawing skills. Schools engage students in such activities in the free time to encourage young talent. Teachers are in a better position to identify students who are interested in different art forms. The activities conducted in school are enough for teachers to identify imagination of students. Drawing Competition is open for students from Class 1 to Class 10. The objective behind such exam is to enhance and sharpen creativity among them. It allows students to maintain a balance between academics and co-curricular activities. Drawing is the best form of expression, which reveals true imagination.

How To Participate In International Drawing Olympiad

– To participate in International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exams, students can contact their art teacher in respective schools.

  • Indian Talent Olympiad is one such organization which believes in bringing out the hidden talent in students through Drawing Competition.
  • The ITO is based in Mumbai, but has collaborated with schools across the country. Schools can register online and opt for Olympiad exams. This is the right platform for talented students to showcase their interest and aptitude for art.
  • Olympiad exams play an important role in nurturing child’s future. It makes them ready to face national level competitions. The exam is conducted in their respective schools.
  • Teachers should encourage students to participate in this exam as it is unique exam, to spread their imagination on the paper in the form of drawings and paintings.
  • Indian talent Olympiad rewards deserving students with prizes and awards topping in International Drawing Olympiad exam.

Drawing Olympiad Syllabus

The syllabus for the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exam is according to the age and class of students. This exam is conducted for classes 1 to 10 and thus the syllabus is different for each class. Students are tested on their ability to draw, express their creativity, theme, color combination, choice of topics, message conveyed, attractiveness and so on. Each and every child has a unique ability to express in his/ her own ways. Drawing is one such subject that improves concentration, motivates the young mind and also conveys messages in the best possible way. Class level drawing competitions are conducted in all schools, but competitions conducted at national levels hold a lot of importance. Students are given cash awards, scholarships, excellence certificates, medals and so on for showcasing their talent to the world. Students who draw well and can express through their strokes are believed to be very talented. Drawing skills can be built up at any age. The earlier they start, the better it is for them to excel.

How to Prepare for Drawing Olympiad

To prepare for Drawing Olympiad, students need to be aware of the syllabus. They need to refer to good resources in the form of workbooks to understand the requirements of the exam. Early preparation is always beneficial to all participants. Students can practice drawing on their own looking at pictures, bring their own ideas to life in the best way possible. Preparing for drawing competition is not a challenging task.  You need to have your perspective in place. Take some time and decide what you need to draw. You can refer to previous drawings, add in your creativity, decide your view and start at eye-level. Those pursuing a career in fine arts, architecture, interior designing, fashion designing and other creative fields must take part in this exam. Since the pattern and ideology of these exams are different from other subjects, students need to prepare for the IDO exam separately. Those who prepare for the Drawing Olympiad automatically score well in the Creative Ability Test, which is conducted at various colleges and universities for creative courses.  

Drawing Olympiad Workbook

Indian Talent Olympiad provides workbooks for the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exam. These are available for classes 1 to 10. Here, students can refer to different drawing patterns, strokes, color combinations, ideas, perspectives, views and develop individual skills. The workbooks can be purchased from their official website at a nominal cost. The books have class-wise topics that students can refer to enhance their creativity. Step by step tutorial is present in all the drawing workbooks by Indian Talent Olympiad. Students find these workbooks very useful to train in themselves. Parents can also help their young ones to focus on individual topics, and assist them to master the perfect stroke.

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