National Photography Competition | “The Untold Stories” | 2021 | Albania | Jan | Feb | March

National Photography Competition | “The Untold Stories” | 2021 | Albania | Jan | Feb | March

“The Untold Stories” National Photography Competition | By UNICEF Albania


UNICEF Albania is launching this photo competition open to all Albanians living in the country or abroad entitled “The Untold Stories”, focusing on the awareness on human trafficking, a phenomenon that touches women and men in Albania and particularly children, consisting more than 30% of the overall victims of human trafficking in the country.

Show them how YOU see it, the survival and hope, the social and psychological impact that human trafficking has on our society and the victims themselves and enter this competition to be part of this awareness campaign.

If you are interested in submitting a photo, show them how you feel, give us the image of how you see this phenomenon. Check out to learn more and get inspired, let’s do more together to contribute to raising awareness on this issue in Albania.

The participants can submit their entries by email at

The deadline to submit the photos is 07 March 2021.

Who can participate?

  1. This competition is open to Albanians living in the country or abroad.
  2. This competition is open to non-professionals only.

How it works

  1. The submitted photos should be sent via email to:, no later than 23:59 on 07/03/2021
  2. A series of up to five (5) photographs can be submitted by each participant.
  3. Each photo submitted should be named as such: name surname_number of photo.
  4. The photos should show the author’s vision, reasons, how and why the photo was taken, what did they want to say to the viewer.
  5. The participant should include their contact information, email and phone number in their application email.
  6. The participant should confirm in writing via the application email that they are the author and owner of the photos.
  7. Entering this competition does not limit the participant and they are welcomed to enter other competitions launched by UNICEF Albania, as long as all competition guidelines are respected.

Specification of the photographs:

  1. If the photos include a physical person/s, they should not be easily identifiable or the photographer should have the consent of the person/s used in the photo.
  2. The photos should have a title/short caption, which should be included in the body text of the applying email, corresponding with the names of the attached photos.
  3. The photos should depict images that relate to modern slavery, trafficking, broken hopes, illusive and unreachable expectations, demystifying life abroad, etc.
  4. The photos can be taken by a professional camera, a non professional camera or a smartphone.
  5. The photos can only go through basic editing (no photo montage and/or manipulation allowed).
  6. The photos should be in high resolution, JPEG format, no watermarks.

Selection of the winners:

  1. The jury will be composed of competent and professional individuals, always making sure all guidelines and procedures are being implemented correctly.
  2. Winners will be notified beforehand and announced publicly at the exhibition.
  3. The jury members and their close family members cannot apply to the competition.

Guidelines to choose the Winners:

  1. The specifications of the photographs are satisfied.
  2. The idea, concept and originality of the photo will be evaluated and highly taken into consideration.
  3. The message: The photos powerful, inspirational and empowering and should depict images that relate to modern slavery, trafficking, broken hopes, illusive and unreachable expectations, demystifying life abroad, etc.
  4. The photos should show an overall impact and visual appeal to the audience.

Copyright of the Selected Entries:

  1. The author will sign a document to grant UNICEF Albania the copyright of their photos.
  2. UNICEF Albania will print the selected photos to show in an exhibition.
  3. UNICEF Albania will show the winning photos on different media outlets.
  4. UNICEF Albania will display the winning photos in venues in Tirana and elsewhere.
  5. For awarded entries, copyright holders/author grants UNICEF Albania unlimited non-exclusive use of high-resolution photos for activities in all media, including social media, online and print, in relation to the contest, the exhibition, the public archive, and all promotional and educational activities without any remuneration being due.
  6. The conditions set out in the Entry Rules are binding, and UNICEF Albania reserves the right to refuse or exclude any entry if it considers that it doesn’t abide by the terms and conditions.

The Prize(s)

  1. Three winners will be selected. Each will win an INSTAX MINI 11.
  2. Each winner will be notified by phone and email. All the participants must provide correct names, telephone numbers and emails.
  3. If a winner cannot be notified within seven (7) days, or does not respond, the prize will be awarded to the participants ranked after in the selection of the jury. 
  4. There will be no substitutions or cash alternatives for the prize.
  5. The photos will be presented during an exhibition that will stay open for the public (always depending on the COVID-19 situation and state rules and protocol).
  6. The prizes for the 3 winners will be awarded by a UNICEF Albania representative at the exhibition.


  1. The possibility of physical exhibition of the works will be considered in line with COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Media contacts

Anila MiriaCommunication Officer

UNICEFTel: +35569 20 29 021

Tel: +35569 20 24 185

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