online poster making competition 2020 in chennai

online poster making competition 2020 in chennai

They just celebrated International Friendship Day on 31 July and so the theme for the Poster Making Challenge is: “Friendship for a better world”

You need to approach this topic in a creative way – it could be a story told through pictures, it could be your thoughts presented creatively, it could be designed as an advertisement…there’s a whole range of approaches you could try.

You can even use digital tools or you could use the usual paints, crayons, sketch pens, cut-outs of pictures etc. (Note – submissions are through photographs of the poster uploaded on the website)

Last date of submission :- 15 OCTOBER 2020

Competition Theme


GROUP group 1group 2
AGE CATEGORY8-12 yrs 13 – 21yrs
PRIZES1st Prize
XP-Pen StarG640 Graphics Drawing Tablet Pen Tablet

2nd Prize
Amazon Voucher worth ₹2000

3rd Prize
Amazon Voucher worth ₹1000
1st Prize
XP-Pen StarG640 Graphics Drawing Tablet Pen Tablet

2nd Prize
Amazon Voucher worth ₹2000

3rd Prize
Amazon Voucher worth ₹1000

At the judges’ discretion, there may also be some exciting special prizes for entries that may not be in the Top 3 but are great and deserve a special mention.
All winners will be featured on the Winners Wall at KreateSpace and the winning entries will be featured on KreateSpace.

1. We have a special audience prize in both the age categories and the details are as follows:

– All accepted entries will be displayed on the website and participants can get their family, friends and others to vote for their entry. The entry with most number of votes will be awarded the audience prize in both age categories

– In case the entries with most number of votes are also one of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize winners, the next entry with most number of popular votes will be considered as the audience prize winner. 

– The audience prize amount will be the same as the third prize amount – Rs. 1000 in each category.

2. All participants can avail of a e-certificate (which they need to download from the site) provided then entries are complete in all respects and are accepted entries.

3. Special mention will be made of the school or college having the most number of accepted entries and the institution name will be mentioned on the website.

Eligibility & Challenge Terms

  • We have two age groups: 8 to 12 years and 13 plus years
  • Nobody equal to or above the age of 21 years is allowed to participate
  • Your entry must be your original work
  • No multiple entries by the same person
  • Do not use other people’s creations and material – that’s called a violation of intellectual property – the whole idea is to come up with something truly original. You could be inspired by other people’s videos but don’t copy them. After all, you are YOU – Unique 

The artwork must be in color, except only when monochrome is mandatory for concept. The artwork can be created using any media – color pencils, watercolor, acrylic, oil paints or any innovative coloring techniques are also welcome. It can also be a collage using newspapers, magazines, threads, scrapbook papers.

Submission can be a photograph of the original artwork or if the poster was created using computer aided software/ applications a direct submission of the digital image should be made.

Weightage is given on
1. Concept & expression 70%
2. Innovation 15%
3. Choice of Medium (for the concept) 5%
4. Skill using the medium 10%

The submission must be the original expression of the contestant. Plagiarism in any form – the idea or expression, will directly lead to rejection.

Your final submission should have 2 images – 
1. A picture of you in the process of making the poster with a clear picture of your poster midway. 
2. The final submission of the poster after it’s complete. Each must not exceed 3 MB of file size.

Contestants may have to provide more description, if contacted. Contestants will have to be ready to provide the original artwork, if asked.

The photograph must be taken in proper lighting to help us judge better.

  • The filename should include the creator’s name (your name)
  • All entries will be judged by a TalentEase panel of judges
  • The judges’ verdict is final and non-contestable.
  • Submission deadline: 15 October 2020
  • Employees of TalentEase and their direct family members cannot participate

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