• BEAUTIFULLY DIVERSE is an illustration, graphic design, and social communication Contest organized by the non-profit Associazione Culturale Plug with the contribution of Favini S.r.l., ITCILO, and Fondazione Time2 referred to hereafter as the “Organizers’’.


13 May 2023


27 August 2023

An international jury will examine the candidate artworks to select forty (40) winners. The Organizers will further judge the posters in order to identify the Favini prize’s winner of €2500 (two thousand five hundred) and the Time2 prize’s winners of €1500 (one thousand five hundred) – see “Prizes and awards” at point 8.

The participants can submit artificially intelligent-generated artwork in the designated section, solely for experimental purposes and out of competition. It is duly noted that the jury will not evaluate these
submissions, and they will be ineligible for any monetary rewards or inclusion among the forty (40) winning posters. Among all the artworks collected in this category, the Organizers will publish a selection on the social channels of Posterheroes and the website – see “AI-generated images” at point 7.

    A. Contest participation is free and open to all without an age limit.
    B. Participation is allowed for both individual artists and groups. In the case of group participation, the members
    must appoint a group leader who will liaise with the Organizers.
    C. Submissions can only be sent via the online upload at
    The process consists of:
  2. Register on
  3. The form must be filled out in English, and no other language will be
  • Registration will ensure the opening of a Private User Profile. The participant or group leader will upload
    the projects in their Private User Profile within the Contest deadline. – see “Deadlines” at point 5.
  • Upon submitting their entries, each participant must provide information used for statistical purposes
    and logistical organization. Specifically, the Organizers will use the data provided to send the winners the
    Contest Calendar. – see “Prizes and awards” at point 7.
  • The email entered during Registration will be used for all communications with the candidate.
  1. Upload submissions: users can upload the posters whenever they want before the deadline. They are
    allowed to delete, add projects and modify until and no later than the official deadline (unless officially
    extended) – see “Deadline” at point 5.
  2. Wait for the response: after the deadline, the jury and organizers will proceed with the selection of the
    winning posters and will communicate the updates to the stakeholders.
    D. The poster files to be uploaded for participation in the Contest can be up to a maximum of three (3), plus one
    (1) AI-generated image (out of Competition) – see “Technical requirements” at point 3.
    E. During the jury selection, the open version of the top 150 artworks will be requested by email to the authors,
    except for the AI-generated artworks. Files will be requested according to these specifications:
  • 70 x 100 cm
  • 300 dpi
  • open format (e.g. PSD, ai, procreate…)
    If the file does not arrive within the time indicated in the aforementioned email, the Organizers may exclude the
    participant from the evaluation.
    Files must comply with the following requirements:
    A. 70 x 100 cm vertical format
    B. 10 MB max size. A maximum resolution of 150 dpi is recommended
    C. Accepted formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG
    D. Color profile: CMYK.
    E. Techinique: free.
    F. Under penalty of disqualification, submissions must not display any symbol or signature that may identify the
    G. Text, if any,must be in English; no other language will be accepted.
    Only original and unpublished artworks will be accepted. They must be maintained unpublished until the official
    disclosure of the Contest results. – see “Copyright” at point 5.
    Failure to comply with these requirements will cause immediate exclusion from the Contest.
    A. In the uploading phase, it is mandatory to declare the AI-generated images.
    B. In the uploading phase, it is necessary to specify the AI software and the prompt used to generate the image.
    C. Artworks must comply with the technical requirements described above. – see “Technical requirements” at
    point 3.
    D. Once the Competition is over, the Organizers reserve the right to select and publish some or all of the
    artworks received on the Posterheroes social channels and the website
    The AI-generated images will not be evaluated by the jury and will therefore not be admitted to the selection of
    the 40 winning posters and the competition for cash prizes.
    The rights and duties related to the artworks and to the authors participating in the Contest are listed below:
  4. The artwork proposal and the concept:
  • must be original and unpublished until the disclosure of results on official Posterheroes channels;
  • Artworks must be inspired by the theme outlined in the Contest Brief – see the Brief (Link).
  • They must not infringe any rights of any third party or applicable law.
    The author/s:
  • declare to hold all moral and patrimonial copyrights related to their submitted artworks.
  • In the event of disputes, the author will not hold the Organizers accountable for any liability, costs, and
    charges of any nature that may be incurred due to the content of the submitted artwork.
  • Proposals can be submitted only by their artist (or group leader), who, by doing so, declares and warrants
    ownership of their artwork, and that the submission does not violate any rights of third parties or applicable
  • The author declares the originality of the submitted proposal and can show its authorship, thus relieving
    the Organizers from any liability arising from possible claims by third parties in the field of copyright and
  • To officially participate in the Contest (selection of the forty (40) winning posters and awarding of cash
    prizes), the participants declare that the artwork was not generated by artificial intelligence.
  • The participants grant the Organizers an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, and royaltyfree license, internationally valid, to use and publicly display their artworks, citing the authors and the
    Contest (Posterheroes) in exhibitions, catalogues , calendars, and any other visual materials and digital
    supports. The license also confers the right to Associazione Culturale Plug to use the artworks for
    fundraising activities or social communication campaigns (within limits defined by the statute and the
    Association’s NON-PROFIT status). The license requires the Organizers to explicitly mention the author
    of the artwork. Any other use of the artworks must be agreed upon with the authors, possibly for a fee,
    as defined by the parties. This could include, by way of example: artistic and cultural promotion activities,
    social activism campaigns, and educational materials.
    Below are the deadlines that must be respected:
    Artwork uploading must be performed no later than: 27.08.2023 (unless extended by the Organizers with a
    public announcement) on
    Other information to be notified:
  • Posters received after the deadline will not be considered for the Contest.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to extend the deadline; any changes will be announced on www. and social channels.
  • The authors of the forty (40) posters selected and the cash prize winner(s) will be notified by 30 November
    2023 (unless extended) by e-mail and through the website and the Organizers’
    communication channels.
    After the submission phase ends, the artworks will be evaluated by a qualified panel of international
    experts in the field of illustration, animation, arts and visual communication. At its sole discretion, the
    international jury will evaluate artworks to select forty (40) winning posters. The Organizers will decide
    the cash prize(s) winner assignment.
    Additional details are provided here below.
  • The jurors’ names will be made public and available on before the
  • The criteria for the selection will be coherence with the theme (see the brief), originality, aesthetic
    and communication impact.
  • Favini, in collaboration with the Associazione Culturale Plug, will select twelve (12) posters among
    the forty (40) winners to realise the Contest Calendar 2024.
  • The Associazione Culturale Plug will be responsible for independently moderating the
    jury’s artwork, and it will be entitled to make a pre-selection of the artworks. The files will be
    anonymized to ensure that jurors and Organisers can perform an objective evaluation of the
  • Any changes to the jury members will be communicated online on the website
  • The final evaluation and prize assignment will be unquestionable.
    The international jury will anonymously judge the posters uploaded on the official website www., decreeing the forty (40) winners of the Competition. There is no ranking among the
    40 winners.
    If among the 40 posters there are two or more by the same author Plug Cultural Association will
    exclude the artwork with the lowest score by including the first eligible work excluded from the forty
    (40) winners. Plug Cultural Association will be the judge in case of equal merits in evaluating the
    international jury.
  • Favini will select the Favini prize’s winning artwork for a value of €2500 (two thousand five
    hundred) among the forty (40) posters selected by the jury.
  • Fondazione Time2 will select the Time2 prize’s winning artwork for a value of €1500 (one
    thousand five hundred) among the forty (40) posters selected by the jury.
  • The 40 winner posters will be published on the Posterheroes website:
  • The organizers have the right not to give the cash prize in case they’ll not found a worthy project
  • Each of the twelve (12) authors of the posters selected for the realization of the 2024 Calendar
    will be honoured with a copy of it. The Calendar is designed by the Associazione Culturale Plug
    and realized by Favini Company. The Calendar will be sent by ordinary mail.
    Personal data will be processed in full compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679,
    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Italian law will apply to any dispute concerning the
    By submitting their artworks, participants explicitly and irrevocably agree that the Court of Turin
    will have sole jurisdiction over disputes
    Associazione Culturale Plug is designated as the Data Controller.

  2. Any data provided will be processed for the following purposes: evaluation of artworks, selection
    of artworks, invitations to meetings, and all purposes deemed to carry out the Contest, as well as
    to comply with statutory requirements. Data will be processed at the headquarters of Associazione
    Culturale Plug, through paper and/or electronic methods, in compliance with safety and confidentiality 5 BEAUTIFULLY DIVERSE 2023 measures. Data will be stored for the length of time outlined in applicable statutory and regulatory provisions. Data provided will be shared by the Data Controller with other Organizers, for purposes
    related to the Contest. Data may also be shared with third parties to comply with administrative, fiscal,
    and legal requirements. At any time, participants can exercise their rights toward the Data Controller
    by sending a request to and CC
    The Contest is open to all except the Organizers – Favini – ITCILO – Fondazione Time2, members
    of the Cultural Association Plug, the jury and their family members, employees of Favini S.r.l. and
    Fondazione Time2.
    For any questions and communications related to the Contest, the regulation, and the brief, please

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