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The Great Donatello | Italian sculptor

Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi, better known as Donatello, was an Italian sculptor of the Renaissance. Born in Florence, probably in the year 1386, he studied classical sculpture and used this to develop a complete Renaissance style in sculpture.

There are many artists when it comes to Florentine Art. One noted artist of that era was none other than Donatello. he was not as popular an artist. he was noted for his marvelous details in terms of sculptures and statues. His works mainly comprise of low relief statues, usually from wood of bronze.

In 1417 he completed Saint George for the Confraternity of the Cuirass-makers. The elegant St. George and the Dragon relief on the statue’s base.

The Great donatello’s

The Saint Mark statue created in 1411 to 1413 is perhaps one of his most famous creations. It is located in Orsanmichele, Florence and is completely made of marble.

Zuccone is a statue that was created for the Florence Cathedral in 1423-1425. This sculpture is made of marble and Zuccone is otherwise known as Prophet Habbakuk.

The Feast of Herod is a relief sculpture made of bronze that was created around 1427. It is currently on display in the Siena Cathedral in Italy.

David is the name given to two sculptures by the early-Renaissance. In 1408, the artist was tasked to carve a marble statue of David, The bronze version of this statue was as popular as the bronze cast that was completed during the Renaissance 1440.

Judith and Holofernes is a bronze sculpture. It was completed in the year 1460 which was towards the end of his career.

He died on December 3, 1466, in the Republic of Florence.


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