Usefull Products for Drawing, Painting and Art Competitions in India

Different Medium which is Usefull for Competitions or Classes or Practice

Different Medium which is Usefull for Competitions or Classes or Practice

There are lots of Different Mediums which are Used in Different arts, in different places, here are some Simple and Best mediums which can be Used for Competitions/Contests, Classes, or Practices… This can be used by Kids, Students, Adults, Professionals, and Teachers more. It can be used in Competitions, Projects, Crafts, Exhibitions more… This is the small Review what are the Mediums which we are going to see on this Topic. Click on the Name to Go Directly on the Specific Medium or Topic.

Acrylic paint | Water Colour | Charcoal | Soft pastel | Glitter | Glass paint | Photo Colour | Crayon | Pastels | Poster Colour | Shading Pencil | Staedler | Colour Pencils | Graphite | Sketch | Colour Pens

Oil Pastels

  • Oil Pastels
  • An oil pastel is a painting and drawing medium formed into a stick that consists of pigment mixed with a binder mixture of non-drying oil and wax, in contrast to other pastel sticks which are made with a gum or methyl cellulose binder, and in contrast to wax crayons which are made without oil.

    Oil Pastels is very easy to Mix, Oil Pastels is the most popular Colour.

    Oil Pastels is the most used colours in India by Kids, Students or Learners from Beginners or Intermediate students or Advanced or Professionals artists India..

    Oil Pastels is easy to handle. oil Pastels is easy to mix with each other colors.

    Oil Pastels can be used in different places like Art and Crafts, School Projects, Realistic Drawing and Colouring, and more.

    If you thinking about gifts, Oil Pastels will be the best gift. Not Only for kids, but it is also the best gift for adults or any class students whether they are college students.

    This can be Gifted for boys, Girls, and Trans to.

    If you have a dream in the Field of art Oil Pastels is the best and right choice for you.

  • Poster Colour
  • Poster paint is a type of brightly coloured paint which contains no oil and is used for painting pictures. Poster paint is one of the Best Colours used for Beginners, Intermediate to Advanced level to Professional Artists.

    Poster paint is very usefull for Kids, Students adults or Professionals,

    Poster paint is Easy to use, Poster Colours is used in Multipurpose or Places Like Art and Craft, School Projects, Classes, For professional Paintngs, New learners of Painting and more..

    Camel Student Poster Colours 18 Shades

    Camel Premium Poster Color – 15ml Each, 12 Shades

    Artists Acrylic Colours

    Acrylic Colours is the one of the most popular and Best and Widely Used colour. This Colour is used in Different Surfaces like Wood, Steel, Fabrics, Ceramics, Canvas. This is Used in long lasting Paintings, Art and Crafts, Face Paintings, Fabrics like Designs in Clothes. This colours gives Finishing and its permanent in some surfaces.

    Acrylic Colours is Washable on Human Skin but not in other surfaces like canvas or fabrics.It Can be Waterproof, It depends on the surface its used.

    Reasons its used by artists is versatility, durability, adhesive qualities, and low toxicity.

    It Can be used By Kids to Adults.

  • Water Colour
  • Water Colour is also the One of the most Famous and Best Medium used By Professional artists. It has its different fan Base. Now a days this is used by most of the artists to students.. Its not Be washable. this Done by using water.

    Water Colours is Mostly used in Still Life, land Scape, and Portrait. this courus is used faster. while travelling and more..

  • Shading Pencil
  • Shading Pencils is commonly used by professionals artists or New learning artists

    It is Used to Draw Portraits, Still life, anatomy, and more.. this is used to draw in simple and to XDrawin black and white form of any pictures or images more.

    There are different types of Shading Pencils like Lighter to darker, ( HB, 2B, 4B, 6B…….)

  • Colour Pencils
  • Colored pencils allow artists to work with a drawing tool that has the control and precision of a hard-point pencil but obviously, these pencils are “in color,” as opposed to a graphite or charcoal implement.

    Colour Pencils is very best and One of most liked medium by Kids and students and Upcoming professionals artists,

    Now a days there are Different types of Colour pencils from basic to professional from low quality to high quality.

    For kids Colour Pencils will definately be a best choice specially for new born kids, for first time starting or beginner kids.

  • Crayon
  • Crayons are colored wax, and pencils have coloured stuff inside the wood. Crayons tend to be used by young children.

    This is very Useful for Kids, and Students, Primary students, LKG, UKG, KG, and Class 1.

    This is the Best color from where kids start learning Drawing, painting, and Colouring.

    This is the Most loved Colour by the Kids…

    If you thinking About gift for kids, This is going to be the Best Prize for Kids with Art Interest whether it can be Boys or Girls they will Love this color.

  • Soft pastel
  • Soft pastels are the traditional form of pastels and also the most used. They have a very high concentration of pigment that is held together by the least amount of gum binder as possible

    Soft pastels feel drier, whereas oil pastels can feel greasy, slick and waxy

    Soft Pastels are Sensitive.

    For beginner artists, soft pastels are the ultimate tool to not only master new techniques but to play around with color and have fun with a new medium.

    Soft Pastels Can be Blend Using hands or clothes or Brushes.

  • Sketch
  • Sketch pens are the medium that is used in different mediums.

    It is mostly used in art and Crafts and School Projects by students,

    Its make easier for beginner to learn easy

    Nowadays it’s used by Professionals for Different styles of Painting.

  • Staedler Pencils
  • there are different types of Styaedler pencils like Charcoal Staedler, Shading Staedtler pencil, Colour Pencils and the most common in charcoal common Staedtler

    Which is used to Drawing paintings, Portraits or still life or any pictures fastly.

    While traveling or for live pictures this the best pencil.

    It is easy to carry this pencil by everyone compared to other pencils.


    Charcoal is one of the mediums carried by professional artists for fast drawing and Shading while Travelling and Practicing any Paintings or pictures.

    Charcoal are in colors, The 2 Colours of Charcoal are Brown and Black.

    Charcoal is mostly used iin Still life, Portrait and Fast Learning or Practicing.

    Glass paint

    Just stick to acrylic-enamel paints or acrylics that have been modified for glass and tile.

    Glass paint Colours are used to Make Paintings in Glass, Like Transparent Glass and more.

    Glass paint is mostly used in art and Crafts.

    Photo Colours

    Camlin Transparent Photo Colours are based on dyes. They are highly transparent, easy to use, and may be mixed with one another, in any proportion to create the required shades.

  • Graphite
  • Graphite is dark gray to black, opaque, and very soft medium, it also used in portraits, still life..

    Graphite is mostly used by Professional artists.

    • Acrylic paint
    • Water Colour
    • Poster Colour
    • Charcoal
    • Soft pastel
    • Glitter
    • Glass paint
    • Photo Colour
    • Crayon
    • Oil Pastels
    • Shading Pencil
    • Staedler Pencils
    • Colour Pencils
    • Graphite
    • Sketch



    Usefull Tools

    • Pallete
    • Brushes
    • Easel
    • Pens
    • Sketches
    • Fevicol
    • Fevistick
    • Scissor
    • Knife cutter
    • Stencil Cutter
    • Pallete Knife


    • A3 Books
    • Brusto Sheets
    • Puff Board
    • A4 Paper
    • Charts
    • Cups
    • Linceed Oil
    • White Pencil
    • Snow white Board

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